Why the butterfly?

My 7year old grandson wanted to know why Sean wouldn't be coming back.
And his Mom Kim told him that when a caterpillar gets it's wings and turns into
a butterfly it can never come back as a caterpillar again.
Sean was like a caterpillar in that god gave him his wings.
She said she had thought for a while and this just game to her.
I have never and will never again hear this explained more beautifully,
to someone so young (or old) to help him understand.

The day after Seans funeral, I was having a hard time finding a reason to get
out of bed. The thought came to me to take the flowers that Jaime had given
Sean to the Cemetery with a picture of Jaime and Sean. When we put the flowers
down at the site we were amazed to see a lone little yellow butterfly land right
on the flowers and picture. The butterfly only stayed for a brief moment before
flying away. As we were leaving we were commenting on how wonderful it was
to see the butterfly, and as I looked up it was back circling over my head.
I took this as a sign from Sean.
You see the butterfly came not in the spring or summer but in the winter.
December 3rd 1998.
Sean is with me all the time and the little yellow butterfly will always have a
very special place in my heart.

                                                   Seans Dad